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I love talking, showing, and selling Real Estate, but I hate writing about it. Writing was never my forte and most likely why l loathe blogging. However, if I can make the most expensive experience in your life easy, or at least easier, it’s worth my time.

When you purchase a property you use a local realtor, not someone who offers services to the majority of the US and Canada. Get off Zillow, or other real estate platforms (non local), and find a local website for your home search. Yes, I advertise on Zillow and yes, I have made money off of Zillow. I pay to obtain leads from their real estate portals, however, I quickly add my clients as an user on one of my websites (DE or MD). Everything we do nowadays is hyperlocal; shopping, eating, drinking, entertainment, sightseeing, etc. Your real estate search should be no different. All the large real estate portals serve a purpose, but they’re generic and not customized to you. Information is awesome, but if it isn’t focused it's just background noise getting in the way of your goal… Finding Your Dream Home.

The truth… we (multiple listing services) give all the real estate portals access to information on our listed properties. Then we pay to advertise on these portals in hopes to acquire leads off of our information we gave to them for free (irony). Have you ever sent out a “more information” request for a property and received four phone calls? That’s all of us suckers paying the portals for access to you. I said it… Suckers!!!

So, I decided to do something different about it! I have a very defined market which encompasses the Beach areas in Delaware (DE) and Maryland (MD). By simply searching All Real Estate in Bethany Beach, DE, on a site such as Zillow, you have now casted a large net around a lot of property. Are you looking for just Oceanfront homes or Condos and Townhomes? Even more hyperlocal, are you in search of Oceanfront in North Bethany Beach or Oceanfront in South Bethany Beach? Maybe you're a long time visitor and you know the exact buildings or subdivision, such as Sea Colony East or Gulls Nest. Why scroll through hundreds of properties when you can click to any of the above searches and have instant results? The search for your Dream Home shouldn’t be a large time suck, don’t let it be. Don’t be a Sucker!

The fact is that you as the consumer want to be able to access accurate information, quickly, in the easiest format, from wherever you are. Individual Realtor sites have come a long way and are super functional, customizable (by you or the realtor), AND full of local information. Find ONE!

Get Local with your Real Estate Search!

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